‘Nokk’ for kids

Personal visors by ESTY are designed for comfortable everyday use. The visor is a personal protective screen that reduces the risk of droplet infections. The visor is a physical barrier, preventing up to 96% of the air particles containing the virus from entering the airway mucosa. Visors can be used in tandem with a mask for additional safety. Similar products are widely used in the medical sector, as well as by companies that want to further protect the health of their employees.

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Nokk user manual


A Reusable face shield by ESTY is suitable for everyday personal use. The visor attaches to a comfortable 100% cotton ribbon. Visor is cleaned with alcohol and the ribbon can be machine washed. The use of a face shield not only protects against spray of airborne particles but is also a reminder to maintain social distancing. Unlike a traditional mask, it allows visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for speech perception. All products are on stock with continual daily production. Our factory in Tallinn, Estonia produces up to 10,000 pcs per week.

Product parameters

Size Children ages 5-13
Headband Adjustable cotton headband. One fits all. Different colors and designs available for commercial orders.
Material Visor: PET 0.5mm chemically stable, strong, 90% clear.
Cleaning Ethanol-based cleaners, including ethanol 70-80%, Master Chem EH80, Anios Oxy-Floor, Chemi-Pharm, etc.
Delivery speed Goods in stock. Large orders are completed at a speed of up to 10,000 per week.


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